Tom Flynn, CEO, addressing the audience at the Community of Users event in Brussels, 5th May 2015 on behalf of Saadian Technologies. He spoke about the significance of interoperability and his 5 layer approach that collectively poses many challenges for European security and the research community. He believes that interoperability is misunderstood but is critical to the very foundations of a European response to a crisis.


Watch the webcast here.

Tom Flynn - CEO

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TFC Research and Innovation Limited is a research, consultancy and software development company focused on supporting organizations with their Horizon 2020 proposals, research, project management and implementation. The company provides a unique and specialize skills basis aimed at strengthening the operation performance of organizations participating or planning to participate in Horizon 2020 scientific research.

European customers include Uninova (Portugal), Vicomtech-IK4 (Spain), Andromeda Group (Spain), YellowMap AG (Germany), I2S (Greece), Waterford Institute of Technology (TSSG), Dublin City University and Saadian Technologies (Dublin) amongst other organizations.

TFC Research and Innovation Limited has acquired a healthy reputation for its services provision in the areas of Horizon 2020 proposal development and writing, project management and research execution. The ability to support with fresh ideas and innovative creativity is regarded as core to the company strength.

Domains that the company focuses on include eHealth, Energy, Governance, ICT and Nanotechnology, Social Science and Security. Details on the research projects that we are undertaking are accessible on LinkedIn.

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Download report on the European Security ESRDublin2015 conference event.

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